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Everything matters to us!

The company focuses on quality! Quality in everything, from production of products to servicing.

Water production begins with a trivial empty bottle so as a theatre begins with a cloak-room.

Reusable container is exposed to multi-staged washing and disinfection: 

1.      Acceptance and sorting of containers with the following rejection of off-quality, with mechanical damages and  traces of organic or any suspicious contamination.

2.       Sorted container is mechanically washed with use of detergents allowed in Republic of Kazakhstan.

3.      Internal surface is cleaned from any possible sediments and contaminations by mechanical cleaning with use of special detergents and abrasive materials with following rinsing from chemical reagent traces.

4.      Prepared containers are treated with special certified disinfecting detergents, allowed for use by Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Republic of Kazakhstan, to prevent bacterial contamination and ensure sanitation. 

5.        Internal walls of a bottle are rinsed by cleaned water to prevent contamination of finished products with disinfecting detergents on the walls of containers.

6.       A bottle is filled only after such scrupulous treatment (washing and disinfecting)!

7.      All procedures connected with containers preparation are carried out by qualified personnel, trained and attested for work with products.


 All processes of the following stage include preparation of the highest quality product in water market of ASTANA!


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