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About Us


The main advantages of our company are as follows:

1)   unique technology;

2) Ã‚  well coordinated business team work;

3) Ã‚  special attention to service and focus on providing the fullest satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

Safety, quality, health – these are the criteria to be met by such a literally strategic product as bottled water. We have complemented the standard procedure with some innovations and consumers have appreciated the memorable spring taste of our water.

In the nearest time EcoLife product range will be expanded - at the moment we are close to completing development of new products.

Today such serious companies as the city best fitness clubs ("Fitnes Link", "The Caspian", "World Class", "Sun City"), as well as the offices of such companies as "KazTransOil", "KazTemirTrans", "KazMunaiGas", large building corporations, well-known restaurants of the capital, such as "ZhibekZholy", "Orda", "Baden-Baden", "Samovar" cafes and restaurants chain, "Babylon", "KFC" and many others have appreciated the useful qualities of our water.

EcoLife company doesn’t stay away from the cultural life of the city. Support of sports events (especially for children), help to the children’s school of cycling and the female volleyball team of Astana have become a matter of honour for us, as well as support of the most significant sports event of year 2011 – The Asian Games. Our friendship with athletes has deep roots. Besides, EcoLife company is represented in the metropolitan golf club - a special plant for increasing water quality operates there, the same as at our main production works. Each customer is important for us. We give people health and good spirits regardless of their social status.

One goal unites us – creative work and honest performance of our duties for your benefit, our dear customers! Our high-quality products help you keep fit and save our customers significant time! You just need to dial 20-20-50 and place an order – and within 2 hours (unless traffic jams interfere) amiable young people in neat branded uniform will deliver the order to your home, office or a picnic – it’s up to you to choose. Attentive operators will warn you in case of any delay on the way or unexpected circumstances.

Bottled water is a rather expensive product, and now we are making an anti-crisis offer for our major customers, including cafes and restaurants. And we treat the needs of EcoLife customers in general with great attention and homage.

Our ancestors believed that the Earth is based on three whales, and as you understand, their home environment is water. Service, quality, price – these are the three whales on which the success of EcoLife company is firmly based. Join us!


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