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Taste of Water is Taste of Life

People invented thousands of drinks with unbelievable range of tastes, colours, and aromas. However, nothing can replace a drink of spring water. Water not only refreshes a thirst, but also gives health to the body. Health is the most valuable good that we can wish to the people that are dear to us.

People used to make tales, legends, and sagas about the healing power of water. All peoples worship water springs. A thirsty man goes far for a magic water well. Water in natural sources is deemed to be live, because it is always moving, making many kilometres through the small sand, taking in natural minerals. Born in the natural silence, listening to the singing birds and whispering free winds, high in the mountains or in the forest meadows,  water has no harmful impurities and is really very good for the health.  Finding such a natural water is getting harder and harder with every year.

EcoLife Company offers people of Astana the opportunity to enjoy the natural freshness of spring water right at home. The company's delivery service can deliver water in 19 litre bottles made of environment friendly plastic (and used worldwide for production of such bottles to preserve the original taste of water) directly to the office or home, at customer's wish.

The secret of the delicious spring taste of water by EcoLife is the natural recipe. Unique technology is involved in passing water through a multiple filtering system, enriching with minerals and ozone, that is to undergo an entire cycle similar to the natural filtering through the soil. When bottling, water takes in the positive energy of classic music. The music makes water record in its cells the entire beauty of the melody. Enriched with ozone, water by EcoLife is a real oxygen cocktail full of air vitamins, only available to an urban dweller at a sea shore, in the forest after rain, or at a waterfall.

The water storage, filtering system, and equipment disinfection technology in EcoLife completely conforms to the standards,  However, understanding the ever increasing demand for fresh bottled water as well as requirements to its quality, EcoLife company is working on increasing its product line.  Customers can taste new products soon.Zithromax online order

EcoLife bottling company is relatively new to the rapid growing market of bottled water in Astana. The brand has already become popular in offices of many national companies, leading construction corporations, high rank hotels, and top fitness clubs.  The perfect trust of those companies is backed, first of all, by the flawless quality of product maintained by qualified specialists who work with devotion and care.

The company puts much effort to the service. Any customer knows that water is delivered within two hours. A customer only has to make a call to the delivery service by phone 20-20-50 and an accurate carrier will deliver the order right to the place specified. A special anticrisis offer is available for large customers. Highly productive employees, good team spirit, proactiveness, efficiency, and manageability makes EcoLife TM unique. 

Having a bottle of EcoLife water at home or in the office becomes a norm for our city. Water with a refreshing natural taste is essential for thousands of people taking care of their health. Taking care of one's health today makes huge revenues tomorrow..


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